Interdem Academy


The INTERDEM Academy is part of the PRIDE project (PRomoting Independence in Dementia), funded by the NIHR/ ESRC (Ref ES/L001802/1WP5). This project aims to identify how social and lifestyle changes may help reduce the risk of developing dementia and disability. PRIDE’s workpackage WP5 is to develop an INTERDEM Academy for the career development and capacity building of researchers in the area of psychosocial interventions and timely diagnosis in people with dementia, and supports the pathway to senior academic posts in the field.

The INTERDEM Academy will enable fellowships for PhD students and postdoc researchers allowing them to spend 3-6 months in another PRIDE/ INTERDEM research centre; a biannual programme for students/researchers of (1) seminars to discuss their work with peers/academics, (2) expert workshops/masterclasses to develop ideas and methodology expertise, (3) academic writing for papers and grants.

Glasgow Masterclass

Organisation, communication and budget

Maastricht University/Alzheimer Center Limburg is the coordinating centre (prof Frans Verhey, associate prof Marjolein de Vugt). The INTERDEM Academy is made possible by financial support from the PRIDE ESRC/NIHR grants, led by prof Martin Orrell. Prof Orrell, together with Dr Aimee Spector (UCL) and prof Esme Moniz-Cook are also member of the organisation team. A postdoc has recently been appointed for support in administration and organization.

Communication took place via email with INTERDEM members. In addition, we envisaged a forum on the INTERDEM website for PhD students of the INTERDEM Academy to facilitate communication and exchange of ideas, experiences on the field of psychosocial research. All centers were contacted after the official start of the INTERDEM Academy in order to collect all email addresses of PhD students.

The total budget is £113000 (€ 138.158)
This includes:

  • Eight researcher traveling fellowships (8 x £3500/ €4279=£28.000, / €34234)
  • Administration support (£45000/ €55018, i.e. 11.000 per year)
  • Development of research capacity (£40000/ € 48905) including the costs of workshops/masterclasses, room hire, conference organisation.
  • Interdem Academy Fellowships

Interdem Academy Fellowships

The INTERDEM Academy enables fellowships young researchers allowing them to attain research experience in another PRIDE/ INTERDEM research center. Talented young researchers from PRIDE and INTERDEM sites who work on a PhD thesis, or who have a PhD degree for maximally three years, can apply.

The INTERDEM Academy fellowship covers expenses for travel and housing for a period of 3-6 months. Applications for 2017 are now open. There are two annual calls to submit applications for travel fellowships; the next deadline is set on the 30th of September 2017 (23:59 AM). More information can be found here. You can apply using this form.

The experiences of Antonio Garcia, a PhD student from the University of Salamanca who has received an INTERDEM Academy fellowship to visit the research group of Prof Martin Orrell at University College London in 2014, c are detailed here. Hanneke Beerens went on an exchange between Maastricht University and the School of Dementia at Bradford University in 2015 to work with the group of Prof Murna Downs, and you can read all about it here.

Become a new Interdem Academy member

INTERDEM Academy is a network of young researchers exploring psychosocial interventions for dementia under the supervision of INTERDEM members. Membership is free of charge and will enable you to take part in our events, and/or to apply for one of our travel fellowships.

INTERDEM Academy Membership is open to those who:

  • are currently fulfilling a PhD or post-doc position on psychosocial research in dementia
  • are affiliated with or supervised by a recognized INTERDEM member

In exceptional circumstances the coordinators may vary these criteria on an individual basis.

Applications for membership of INTERDEM Academy can be done by filling out and submitting the application form (DOWNLOAD) to the coordinator of INTERDEM Academy – Dr Inge Klinkenberg.

Next Interdem Academy Masterclass

For those of you that are planning to attend the Alzheimer Europe Annual Conference taking place on 31 October – 2 November 2016 in Copenhagen, we are delighted to announce the next INTERDEM Academy Masterclass which will take place on the 1st of November under the theme of “Involving people with dementia as advisors to your research”. In view of limited space, INTERDEM Academy members will have priority for a place.