Dutch JAIN Challenge 2023 and new challenge 2024

In June, the Dutch national JAIN challenge reached its finals with the announcements of the winners in the category of the prototypes and products. This was made possible by INTERDEM members from the taskforce Assistive Technology, of whom six were part of the jury, see here. From the applications, thirteen made it to the competition and these applications were all reviewed by three assessors and after that the top three were reviewed by persons with dementia and informal caregivers.

In the category of prototypes, SVRZ- shared decision making, was the happy winner. This is a system for lifestyle monitoring with which provides relevant information to be discussed together with the client. Of the products,  a tablet from Bbrain Family was the winner. It is a smart calendar clock on a tablet which can support people with dementia. Also, it is possible to videocall relatives or professionals and it has different layouts matching the preferences of the people with dementia. Furthermore, it is already available in different languages.

Congratulations to both winners! JAIN will support them in further development and growth on the market.

Next year another World JAIN Challenge will be organised. The finals will take place in April 2024. If you have an interesting prototype or product: please join the competition. Further information about the procedure will be available in due time.

Franka Meiland, chair JAIN challenges.