Best Practice Guidance for Technology in Dementia – recommendations by INDUCT network Updated

image0At the 30th Virtual Conference of Alzheimer Europe an updated version of the Best Practice Guidance on Human Interaction with Technology in Dementia was presented by prof Rose-Marie Dröes. This Best Practice Guidance includes an extensive set of recommendations on the development, usage and implementation of technology for people with dementia, resulting from the research which fifteen early stage researchers within the EU-Marie Sklodowska Curie funded INDUCT Innovative Training Network (20016-2019) at seven Universities in Europe conducted in various areas of technology in dementia: every day life, meaningful activities and health care. The webbased version of this Best Practice Guidance was officially launched at the 29th Alzheimer Europe conference in the Hague ( The updated Guidance now contains 56 recommendations which are very useful for a variety of target groups, such as users, designers/developers, care professionals and providers, researchers, politicians and the media. Each target group can easily find specific recommendations relevant to them by means of the ‘theme’ and the ‘target group’-oriented search engines. In the coming years also recommendations resulting from the recently started new Marie Sklodowska Curie DISTINCT-ITN (2019-2023), which focusses on technology to promote Social health in people living with dementia, will be included in the Best Practice Guidance.

Take a look at and find out which recommendations are relevant to you! At this website you can also download the full pdf of the updated Best Practice Guidance with all recommendations.

Prof.dr. Rose-Marie Dröes, research coordinator of INDUCT & DISTINCT, Dept of Psychiatry, Amsterdam UMC, location VU medical center, The Netherlands