Article of the month – August 2020

The website committee selected for publication of the month August:

Clarke, C., B. Woods, E. Moniz-Cook, G. Mountain, L. Øksnebjerg, R. Chattat, A. Diaz, D. Gove, M. Vernooij-Dassen and E. Wolverson (2020). “Measuring the well-being of people with dementia: a conceptual scoping review.” Health and quality of life outcomes 18(1): 1-14.

Enabling people with dementia to ‘live well’ is a policy and research priority in many countries. However, instruments for measuring outcomes of psychosocial interventions designed to promote well-being in dementia are often derived from a symptom-focused, loss/deficit approach

This article takes a radically different approach and presents an assets/strengths-based framework, outlining structural domains for selecting self-report measures of well-being in people with dementia.