Dementia Care Research Summit

February 2020 saw the first Dementia Care Research Summit in the UK, which brought together 80 leading researchers, research funders, clinicians and policy makers. This event supported by the Alzheimers Society, NIHR and ERSC was live-streamed and widely attended across the UK.

Dr James Pickett, an INTERDEM member from the Alzheimers Society welcomed participants. INTERDEM members Professors Manthorpe, Robinson, Goodman chaired 3 of the 5 sessions.

Professor Martin Rosser began with figures to demonstrate the significant funding contribution made by the UK to dementia care research across Europe and the G7 nations.

Esme Moniz-Cook was invited to briefly present the INTERDEM network. She thanks Bob Woods and Rabih Chattat for help with the presentation.

Professor Alistair Burns closed the event at 4.30 pm.

Streamed Talks can be accessed, see below:

  • Session 1: Progress and achievement in dementia care research:  Professor Martin Rosser leads the session, looking back at funding of dementia care research,  drawing on summaries of JPND and worldwide dementia research, to outline the significant UK spend on dementia care research compared with other countries (slides)
  • Session 2: New initiatives to enable dementia care research   Professor Esme Moniz-Cook, Founder Chair now co-chair INTERDEM) talking about INTERDEM starting at 38.28
  • Session 3: Dementia Care Research: New Perspectives Professor Dame Louise Robinson (INTERDEM member) leads the session
  • Session 4: Building a national network for dementia care research:  Professor Jill Manthorpe (INTERDEM member, since its inception in 1999) leads the session
  • Session 5: Sharing dementia care research data: Professor Claire Goodman (INTERDEM member) leads the session
  • Session 6: Looking forward to 2020 – 2030: Professor Alistair Burns, closes the day