Article of the month March

For the publication of the month march 2018, the website committee selected the article published by Joany Millenaar and her colleagues on the needs of young onset dementia caregivers. People with young onset dementia often still have children at home and their (past) employment might generate an important part of the household income. Consequently, the caregivers of somebody with young onset dementia are not only younger than those caring for an elderly person, but they also face a different set of challenges. Whether these caregivers experience low rather than high unmet needs is heavily influenced by understanding and accepting the diagnosis and the availability of social support.

Millenaar, J. K., Bakker, C., Vliet, D., Koopmans, R. T., Kurz, A., Verhey, F. R., & de Vugt, M. E. (2018). Exploring perspectives of young onset dementia caregivers with high versus low unmet needs. International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, 33(2), 340-347.