AcTo Dementia project

The AcTo Dementia project recently launched its website with the primary aim of recommending Accessible Touchscreen apps for people living with dementia.
The focus of the website is on existing apps for popular touchscreen devices such as the Apple iPad. The reasoning behind concentrating on existing software is that there is greater choice and availability and this was felt to be a more inclusive option, reducing the risk of stigmatisation.
All of the apps featured on the website have been tested using an evidence-based app selection framework by researchers from the University of Sheffield and Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences. Initially the emphasis is on games and entertainment apps to provide independent activities for people living with dementia, although in the future this will expand to include other types of apps as well.
In addition to app recommendations, the site also features support guides, a community forum and information on the supporting evidence.
Visit the website now at for more information and to try out some of the recommended apps.
AcTo Dementia is a PhD project by INTERDEM Academy member Phil Joddrell, supervised by Professor Arlene Astell, both of the University of Sheffield. The project is focused on improving the accessibility of touchscreen apps for people living with dementia, with the following objectives:

  • Identify key features within touchscreen apps that increase their accessibility for people with dementia
  • Develop an evidence-based framework that can be used to find the most accessible existing touchscreen apps for people with dementia
  • Work with app developers to improve the accessibility of existing apps for people with dementia
  • Share app recommendations with people with dementia and professional and family caregivers on a dedicated website