Article of the month – April 2020

The Interdem Website Committee has chosen the following as Publication of the Month April. This article focuses on a relevant and timely topic – the importance of staying connected.

Clark, A., Campbell, S., Keady, J.(INTERDEM), Kullberg, A., Manji, K., Rummery, K., & Ward, R. (2020). Neighbourhoods as relational places for people living with dementia. Social Science & Medicine. READ ARTICLE

The paper details some of the implications of neighbourhoods as sites of social connection based on material from 67 people living with dementia and 62 care-partners. It provides new insight into how people living with dementia experience the places where they live, and how those places can support people to live as independently as possible with the condition. Using a mixed methodology, the paper extends empirical and conceptual understanding of the relevance of neighbourhoods as relational sites of connection, interaction, and social engagement for people living with dementia.