Alzheimer Europe’s annual Conference is approaching!

It is less than a month now to Alzheimer Europe’s annual conference. The conference has been organised in collaboration with the national Alzheimer associations in Spain (CEAFA and Fundación Alzheimer España) and will be held this year in the vibrant city of Barcelona from 29 to 31 October 2018. As in previous years, we expect more than 700 delegates and hopefully, even more people with dementia and supporters than in previous years. This year’s conference will be held under the motto “Making dementia a European priority”. AE has campaigned for years to have dementia recognised as a public health priority and has lobbied European and national policy makers about the impact of dementia and the necessity for a coordinated European response. Also, key to this, is the work at national level. The number of countries recognising dementia as a priority and developing a national dementia plan or strategy has steadily grown over the years.  Whilst this is a very positive step, this public recognition needs to go hand in hand with, among other issues, greater awareness campaigns, risk reduction and prevention programmes, the promotion of timely diagnosis, the development of post-diagnostic support, the improvement of care and support services and increased funding of dementia research. Four plenary sessions in our conference will be addressing the topic of dementia as a policy, human rights, care and research priority.

We’re particularly busy at the moment preparing for a plenary presentation on Dementia as a disability (which covers the policy, human rights and care themes of the conference) and a parallel session where we will be presenting Alzheimer Europe’s work on PPI with people with dementia (touching on the issues of human rights and research priorities). We will be sure to showcase the paper on PPI which was written in collaboration with INTERDEM and the EWGPWD. We’ll be chairing two parallel sessions. One on involving people with dementia and one on palliative care, presenting some of our ethics and PPI work on IMI projects, together with members of the EWGPWD. The Chair of the EWGPWD, Helen Rochford Brennan, is also looking forward to contributing to the INTERDEM session on Promoting social health in dementia (in which she will focus on priorities linked to human rights and care) and to the EWGPWD special symposium. Finally, we’ll be having a special session on Minority ethnic groups and dementia, which is a much neglected issue in many parts of Europe and is the priority of our ethics work this year.

If you are interested in learning more about why and how to make dementia a European priority, join us in Barcelona, we look forward to meeting many of you there!

Dianne Gove and Ana Diaz

Dianne 1bAna Diaz