Article of the month February

For the publication of the month February, the website committee selected the article entitled Are Humor Styles of People With Dementia Linked to Greater Purpose in Life? by Wingyun Mak and Silvia Sörensen recently published in The Gerontologist.

The study aimed to answer the question whether humor styles were associated with the  purpose in life among people living with dementia. Authors found that only adaptive humor styles were linked to higher meaning of life and that sense of humor maybe be important in life of people with dementia.

The study also suggests that people with cognitive problems can still effectively use their sense of humor. These results also provide insight about some practical implications into trainings for people supporting people living with dementia, for example how to include using of sense of humor during their daily interactions.

Reference: Mak W, Sörensen S. Are Humor Styles of People With Dementia Linked to Greater Purpose in Life? Gerontologist, 2018, doi:10.1093/geront/gnx207