BLOG- Fatima’s INTERDEM Academy fellowship

My name is Fátima González Palau and I would like to express my appreciation for being awarded an INTERDEM Academy Fellowship for my research exchange between INTRAS Foundation, Spain, and the University of Nottingham, England. The prospect to pursue this fellowship represents an important challenge in my life and in my professional career.

I am a psychologist and I have Master degree and a PhD in Neuropsychology from Salamanca University, Spain. Throughout my academic and professional career, and until today, I have worked hard on the study of Alzheimer Disease in the Latin America and European region.  However, to lead and participate in projects more efficiently, I need to develop new skills. That is one of the main reasons for choosing the University of Nottingham and Professor Orrell’s group, where the high quality of education of this Institution and group offers the opportunity of training in specific abilities required when working in the field of Alzheimer Disease and of interest for Spanish speaking population.

The aims of my research exchange will be to collaborate on the INDUCT (Interdisciplinary Network for Dementia Using Current Technology) lines of research of adapting Cognitive Stimulation Therapy to a tablet system and to Spanish speaking population and of evaluating the GRADIOR rehabilitation application for dementia in other languages. Professor Franco and his team of experts on ICT have created Gradior that is now used in over 450 centres in Spain and at an international abroad. These goals follow the research line of previous INTERDEM fellow’s experiences and collaborative projects between these institutions.

I would like to thank once more the INTERDEM Academy and my supervisors at INTRAS Foundation and the University of Nottingham, for their support in this enriching experience.