QUALIDEM User guide English version recently published

The QUALIDEM is a promising and internationally recommended dementia-specific quality of life observationinstrument. Based on the results of interviews with German professional caregivers using the Instrument and an intensive collaboration between the German research team and the authors of the original Dutch QUALIDEM a QUALIDEM User Guide was developed. This User Guide includes a description of the theoretical framework, development, application, the QUALIDEM instrument, and a scoring procedure, as well as a summary of the available international results on the psychometric properties of the Instrument. Of particular relevance for a reliable application of the instrument are the definitions and practical examples for each QUALIDEM item described in the User Guide.
The QUALIDEM User Guide is free downloadable via the following link

Reference: Dichter, M. N., Ettema, T. P., Schwab, C. G. G., Meyer, G., Bartholomeyczik, S., Halek, M. & Dröes, R. M. (2016). QUALIDEM – User Guide. DZNE/VUmc, Witten/Amsterdam