Dementia Services Information and Development Centre Ireland

  • Dr Suzanne Cahill, Director. Download CVhard-drive-downloadpubmed_logo

Dublin City University

  • Dr Kate Irving, School of nursing. Download CVhard-drive-downloadpubmed_logo
  • Dr Joanna Edel McHugh, School of Nursing & Human Sciences. Send mail yellow_mail Download CV hard-drive-downloadpubmed_logo

Aras Moyola National University of Ireland Galway Ireland

  • Dr Dympna Casey, School of Nursing and Midwifery. Send mail yellow_mail  Download CV hard-drive-download pubmed_logo
  • Professor Kathy Murphy, School of Nursing and Midwifery. Send mail yellow_mail  Download CV hard-drive-downloadpubmed_logo
  • Dr Adeline Cooney, School of Nursing and Midwifery. Send mail yellow_mail  Download CV hard-drive-downloadpubmed_logo
  • Professor Eamon O’Shea, National Centre for Social Research on Dementia. Send mail yellow_mail  Download CV hard-drive-downloadpubmed_logo
  • Dr Louise Hopper, School of Nursing and Human Sciences. Send mail yellow_mail  Download CV hard-drive-downloadpubmed_logo
  • Dr Christine FitzGerald, Trinity College Dublin. Send mail yellow_mail  Download CV hard-drive-downloadpubmed_logo
  • Dr Azucena Guzman, Clinical Psychology Department, School of Health in Social Science University of Edinburgh. Send mail yellow_mail  Download CV hard-drive-downloadpubmed_logo
  • Dr Tony Foley, Department of General Practice, University College Cork. Send mail yellow_mail  Download CV hard-drive-downloadpubmed_logo